Friday, November 17, 2006

Friends and Family

This post will have little to do with poker.
Instead, friends and family reign supreme.

The mysterious Don't-call-it-a-condo-warming-party was held on Thursday night. I have wanted to host a get together for some time, but I thought it tacky to throw my own party. Consequently, it wasn't a warming in name, but in reality it was very warm.
I am extremely appreciative to those who visited, shared a drink and a few hours and showered me with positive energy and good wishes.

Inevitably, there were gifts. I have never been a gracious receiver of gifts, but I'm working on it......

Greg and Amy brought a very appropriate cacti garden. I do live in the desert after all. Amy assures me that this is extremely low maintenance and that I will have to work hard to kill it.
Linda gifted me with Lucky Bamboo, which as I understand it, is equally low maintenance/tolerant. The attached tag assured good fortune for both the giver and receiver. Sweet! I could use some of that good fortune stuff.
Viv (I'd link her too, but she prefers to keep her infrequently updated blog semi-private) brought card/poker themed snack plates and mugs. Again, very appropriate. I promise to put them to good use during future card parties. Carole and Gordon decided upon Glenfiddich Special Reserve to stock the liquor cabinet.
A card game erupted (Big2) and the blender was put to use.
Thanks to all who attended. If good wishes are enough to make a house a home. I'm home.

My buddy Benton is leaving Las Vegas on Saturday morning. For the last 2 years he's made his living at the poker tables both online and live. He's following his girlfriend Kim to Austin. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to life without live poker....and a greatly reduced selection of online offerings.
We had dinner/drinks on Wednesday night and ended up at South Point for 4 games of bowling.
During dinner Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes came over the sound system. I mentioned that it was circa 1982 and asked how old Benton was in 1982. He held up ONE finger. I was driving and he was one. Sigh. I held up one finger in response. Yes, it was THAT finger.
I hadn't bowled for about 1.5 years but I was happy with my scores. They werent' quite good enough to beat him, but not bad after such a long absense from the lanes.

My scores: 148,141,125,128.
Benton kicked my ass. Chalk it up to youth I suppose.

Benton, I wish you and Kim the best as you start a new chapter in your lives. Drive safely and let me know when you arrive.

My nephew David started school this fall. He's already received his first report card and his marks were all 3 which is the highest rating. Needless to say I'm just a little bit proud of him.

I'll be joining him and the rest of my family (dad is staying home) at Disney-Orlando at the end of the month. It's David's first trip to see Mickey and should be a great time.


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