Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bourbon Street

Aren't you sorry that you missed Paris Hilton's Birthday Party?

Does she really need to rent billboards to get people to come to her party?


The game is $2-5 no limit. It gets down to heads-up and they both get all in. She has around $1,700. He has about $1,300.
She wins the hand. He isn't happy and doesn't make a move to push his chips.

He: Count her down.
She: What are you talking about? I have you covered.
He: I have a right to have your chips counted.
She: Be a man.
He: When's the last time you even saw a man?
She: Never at a poker table.
He: You are the biggest scumbag I've ever played with.

It all went south from there.


The past few days have been interesting. Not good and not horrible, just interesting.

There were plenty of NBA players in and around the room. After all, the Palms was the host hotel. There were also a lot of wanna be gangsters/thugs hanging around too. Some were generous but most weren't. It wasn't too much different from the norm from my perspective although I'd have to say it was a little on the not too generous side for me personally.

There were also a few shootings.

The crowds were certainly over the top. All Palms employees were forced to park off site. (I got no sympathy on that front from Linda who informed me that Bellagio employees parked off-site for EIGHT years lol) The shuttle was a little unpredictable, but I'm always early anyway so it didn't really impact me in a negative way.

I talked to one of the Palm's pit dealers who visited out of town friends at the MGM on Friday night. He parked on the 5th floor of the MGM parking garage. So far so good. When he tried to leave it took him four and a half hours to get out of the garage. I heard someone else say it took them three hours to get out of the Aladdin garage.

The general consensus is that this event was great for the hotels and not so great for the employees. I don't think there is much casino employee support for bringing an NBA team here.

The crowds aren't going away any time soon (barring a major disaster of 9/11 proportions).

The Review Journal reports that the current building boom in Las Vegas will create 113,000+ new jobs. City Center, Echelon Place, Encore, Palazzo etc. Even with 7,000 or so people moving here each month between now and when all of these projects are complete there will be a labor shortage. New resorts open with workers lured from other properties. It's a vicious cycle and highly competitive.

The George Wallace sign is covering the old Bourbon Street Casino Sign. The Bourbon Street building itself was demolished months ago but the sign stood as a lone reminder of what once was. Hopefully the Bourbon Street sign will find a final resting place in the neon boneyard. Until then I guess Harrah's Entertainment will use it for advertising.
Bourbon Street discontinued table games a few years before they closed for good. This chip is from a time when they offered table games there.


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