Monday, November 20, 2006

Two Watches and a Wedding

I swear that I couldn't make up shit that was crazier than the realities witnessed in a poker room.
While I was dealing a $2-4 limit game the man in the 5s (my guess at his age is 60ish)asked me what time it was. Since I am right handed I hold the deck in my left hand. Coincidentally, I wear my watch on my left wrist. This presents a slight problem unless I roll the deck completely over. Even in $2-4 rolling the deck is not something that I briefly transferred the deck to my right hand. This isn't kosher either, but it's a $2-4 game and there probably isn't a player at the table that would even blink an eye at the deck transfer...or understand why it's bad form.
In any case I look at my watch and tell 5s that it is 1:50 PM.
While this whole scene transpired I am staring at HIS wristwatch. I can' just let it go. I asked him if his watch is broken.
His response?

"No, it works, but it is set to New Jersey time and I need to know what time it is in Las Vegas."

Jesus, Joseph, Mary and Several Wisemen couldn't explain to me how some people make it through life. Could they breathe if it wasn't an involuntary function? I'm convinced that it must be preferable to be totally and utterly oblivious. That way I wouldn't have a care in the world and there would always be someone willing to tell me what time it was.

Tell me again why I sit at a keno machine while these clueless idiots litter the poker table with their chips?

Am I the idiot here?

Don't answer that!


Last Thursday I thought that my bedroom furniture hunt was over. Although I had read several unfavorable reports about Walker Furniture here in Las Vegas I ignored them because they had a set that I liked.....and the price was less than similar sets at RC Willey.
Upon purchase we scheduled a delivery date of 11/22. They told me that on that morning the driver would call and advise me of a 4 hour window in which the deliver would occur. This basically forces me to waste an entire day, but what else can be done?
I wake up early and dismantle my old bed and move everything else out of the bedroom clearing the way for the new one.
And I wait.
At 10:30AM I still hadn't received a call so I called them. The driver was still working on the delivery order and I was told I should receive a call shortly. Nearly an hour later I did receive a call telling me that one piece was damaged. They were willing to deliver the dresser and nightstand sometime between 5-9 PM tonight.
No delivery for me today, damnit.
If for any reason I wasn't at home when the delivered there would be an additional $59 charge for redelivery.
My time has no value to them, but that's the way it is.
Wednesday and Thursday are my only "sit around and wait all day" options and since I'll be out of town next week it will be well into December before I can get the delivery. All this assumes that they can get an identical piece to replace the damaged one.
Now I get to reassemble the old bed and move everything else back in temporarily.
Happy happy joy joy.


It looks like round one of the legal battle over the Wynn toke "sharing" policy has gone in favor of the dealers. They have been granted class action status and Wynn's motion to strike has been denied.

Rio Reflections

On Wednesday I attended the wedding of Larry and Tiffany at the Rio. Larry deals poker at the Palms. Tiff plays poker at the Palms and works as a host at one of the Gentleman's Clubs.
There were several hours to kill between the wedding ceremony and the reception banquet.
What's a bunch of poker dealers/shift managers to do?
Commandeer a poker table of course.
The management of the Rio poker room was extremely accomodating, basically telling us to play what we wanted, how we wanted. It was for
all practical purposes a private game. (legally there is some debate about whether a game can actually be a private game)
We played a VERY LOOSE-completely insane 13 handed game while we kept the waitress busy carting full trays of shots/drinks. Most of the Rio dealers went with the flow as we made a shambles of poker etiquette, even going so far as to play "Indian" with our hole cards stuck to our heads. Groups of spectators gathered on the rail to watch the circus. It was the most fun I've had at a poker table since the night of the Palms Employee Holiday Party last December.
Not surprisingly, not one of the 13 players was a "winner" in the game. With stacks of chips going to the waitress with every round and handfulls of chips being tossed at the dealers with every pot and occasionally for no reason at all it's no wonder.

Congratulations and best wishes to Larry & Tiffany!


This afternoon I'm headed to Michelle's for a Thanksgiving Feast.
Please take a moment today to think about the things that you are thankful for.


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