Friday, August 08, 2008

How can you shut up and deal if you are a machine?

There have been many rumors about the poker situation at the new Aliante Station. The gossip leaned heavily towards an entirely electronic room. Then there appeared ads announcing real-live poker dealer positions. That's one rumor (dealerless Aliante) that looks to be false.

Then comes this post on The Dealers Lounge from Psand:

On August 18 Excalibur will close its poker room, (employees may transfer to
other MGM-Mirage rooms if there are openings and they are "approved", the rest
will be laid off) I am told that many of these employees are day 1 employees
meaning they have been there since 1990.

On August 21st Excalibur will open a poker room featuring all electronic tables.

Isn't that just swell?
Today is my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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