Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Government (and me) at Work.

This doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside nor inspire confidence, but it is what it is I suppose.
I received TWO pieces of mail informing me that census forms were on their way to me. Then I receive TWO census forms. Then I receive TWO postcards telling me that I should have already received the census form.
Why TWO of each you ask?
Well one is addressed to ...UNIT 322... and one is addressed to ...UT322...
So today I call the friendly help desk at the census bureau (It didn't SOUND like I was talking to someone in India, but I can't be sure of that) to inform them that they have two very similar addresses and that one is in error.
The nice lady (she really was nice about it) told me to destroy one of the forms and return the other one. That sounds reasonable, but..... Now here is the kicker. She said that since there would be an unreturned form, they would SEND A CENSUS WORKER to the address to ascertain why one form was not returned.
Could any reasonable person not understand that UNIT 322 and UT 322 are the same address?
Not good enough I guess.
On the poker front it's feast or famine. That there have been days of feast is amazing in itself. Until Sunday night I was averaging over 8 hours per day during the month of March. In six years and 5 months I have NEVER averaged over 40 hours per week. Eight times this month I have worked OT. That all came to a crashing halt as Sunday night we went dark at 4Am and Monday night we went dark at 3AM.
With the WSOP fast approaching I'd think we should be relatively busy for the duration. Hopefully Poker Stars will again make our place their home-away-from-home during the series although I'm told that it isn't yet a done deal.....

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Believe it or not, 45 years have passed since you said "I Do"
Happy, happy anniversary!

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