Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Screw the laws of physics

I'm sitting here wondering how it's possible for nostalgia to gather mass.

It's built for a few days until the sheer weight of it threatens to make it impossible to take another breath.

How did this come to pass you ask? Freakin' Facebook, that's how. Well that's mostly how. Contact with a few old friends both via Facebook and other means as well as the holidays approaching have me in a remarkable mood........

My old friend, alcohol (we haven't seen much of each other in ages), will hopefully carry me through until sleep takes over. In this case, it's Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. It certainly wasn't Leinie's that I was drinking way back when on Dan's Rock, or up Seldom Scene or at Deep Creek. Back then it was more likely Boone's Farm, Old Milwaukee, Miller Ponies or some similar combination. Back then it was REO Speedwagon on the Realistic under-dash 8-track in the 1968 Galaxie 500. Today it's Reo Speedwagon and other 80's wonders on You Tube.


Memories, take me away!

Hurry, don't be late

I can hardly wait

I said to myself when we're old

We'll go dancing in the dark

Walking through the park

And reminiscing

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gastronomical Ecstacy & Renewing a Friendship

A month or so ago I got an email from and OLD friend. We've been friends since circa 1978 AND he is a month older than I am so I can use the term old with total accuracy.
I had not seen Lee Cuttter for 16 years!
In any case he said he was coming to Las Vegas to run in the marathon and wanted to catch up. We made dinner plans for last night which included he and I as well as his wife Christa and their friend Mary. They said steak sounded good and I knew just where to get incredible steak. N9NE at the Palms it was.
Our waiter was a poker player that I have dealt to on many, many occasions. The tables were turned and he was now taking care of me. He started us off with shrimp and oysters on the half, a cheese/mustard plate and a glass of wine. Not a bad start to what would turn into a great meal.
Other appetizers of our choosing would include crab stuffed mushroom caps, a tomato salad and lobster bisque.
Already full, we anticipated out mains. Steak fries, garlic green beans, George's creamed corn, loaded baked potato. Don't forget the steaks. OH! the steaks. Filets and New York Sirloin all around.
By now we are all stuffed and ready to waive off the dessert menu. Out maneuvered by the devious waiter, comped desserts consisting of delicious creme brulee and an INCREDIBLE bread pudding/bananasFoster/ice cream concoction appeared on the table. Amid cries of protest we shoveled the decadent desserts into our pie holes all the while moaning that we were all full to capacity.
We then headed to the Ghostbar for what is without doubt one of the best views in Las Vegas. A quick stop at Bellagio's conservatory to see the holiday decorations and then I dropped them off at their hotel. They are leaving town today.
I couldn't have asked for a nicer reunion or a more pleasant evening.
Lee, please, let's not let another 16 years pass by without contact.
To paraphrase and old beer commercial......
Here's to good friends, last night was very special.

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