Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to you and to me.
I have no idea what caused me to revisit Blogger today, but here we are.  I spent a while reading some very old posts when this one jumped out at me.

Worked 8 hours tonight. Where have all the E.O.s gone? Actually, I only worked 6.5 hours with three thirty minute breaks spread throughout the afternoon. By mid afternoon the place was a rockin'. All tables were full and the lists for the low limit games were 30-40 deep-- and it is only Monday. How long can this continue? As house after house opens (or re-opens) their poker rooms you have to wonder when the saturation point will be reached. Of course some "experts" said that LV had too many hotel rooms years ago. Conventional wisdom be damned. 
 That was written in January 2005.

Just let m say that times have changed and leave it at that......

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