Friday, September 25, 2009

RIP Bob Stupak

From the Las Vegas Advisor:
September 25, 2009 Bob Stupak Dies: Entrepreneur, gambler, and self-styled
"Polish maverick" Bob Stupak died today at Desert Springs Hospital after a long
fight with leukemia. He was 67.

In my opinion, Bob Stupak was an "interesting" individual.

The only time I ever dealt to Stupak was at the Ultimate Bet Aruba event. Having said that, it was an extended engagement. He had entered a tournament that started in the early evening and he went deep. All the other dealers left to go do their thing. Sipu and I stayed to deal the final table. It was daylight when we finished. Several times throughout the night he and I stepped outside for a cigarette. On one of those smoke breaks he asked me how I got to Aruba. I wasn't sure if he meant how I landed the dealing gig or how I physically got to the island. I made an assumption that he meant physically. Well that left two options since you can't exactly drive to Aruba. I briefly considered whether he had arrived on a cruise ship but I couldn't figure out what he was driving at.

I said that I arrived on an airplane. (?)

He said that he was stranded on the island.

I said I could think of worse places to be stranded.

He paused for a few seconds and then thoughtfully said that he couldn't think of a worse place to be stranded.

No worse place than Aruba??


What he was driving at was that the high humidity in Aruba was taking it's toll on his ability to catch his breath. He was nearly desperate to get off of the island but couldn't get an earlier flight.
If I remember correctly, he chopped first and second place money.

RIP Bob. You certainly led a full life.

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